Want To Improve English? There Is a Whole Continent Waiting For You

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It has been French, and then German, but for a good time now, the English language has stepped in as the commonly acceptable way people from all over the world communicate among each other. The English language is so wide spread that term as “selfie” is now recognized by probably almost 99% of the Earth’s population. The globalization of course comes of help here. So, no need to tell you twice, get a pen and pick some of the below advises we have for you!


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A teacher once said: One can say that he is fluent in a foreign language only when all the following three are present – one counts in his head in the foreign language, one dreams in the foreign language, and one feels uncomfortable when swearing in the foreign language. But how to learn a language so good so the mention of the F-word can make our non-English and TV obsessed personalities feel bad?!


Well, what’s better than to travel and learn from the source? What is the source though and where is it? Is it Great Britain? Is it the English Shakespeare wrote on? Or is it Waugh’s beautiful way of describing… a house?


Although England and the British English is what we think of when choosing to improve our language skills abroad, we kind of forget that some miles on East there is a whole continent that offers some really funny and interesting ways of learning and improving our language skills. How does it sound an English language course in a cooking course? Or an English language course together with a music lesson? What is sure to be true, speaking in a native environment is one of the best and easiest ways to learn and improve one’s language skills.


Let’s start with some theory. There are several kinds of English learners and they can be split into five categories:


  • Jedi master

The Jedi master will make you feel like you will never learn English even if you have all the time in the world. People who belong to this category are generally the ones who have achieved a high level of fluency and are close to being perfect in English language in terms of grammar. One important note – these people have a pure linguistic interest to the language. They never stop learning. As the language itself is keen on developing, they follow it constantly. Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish. This perfectly applies to the Jedi master.


  • English speaker

The common English speaker has a good knowledge in the language. However, he is not a Jedi master due the lack of interest in focusing on the development of the language. The English speaker uses the language as a tool only.


  • False beginner

These people always refrain from speaking in English in public or even while conversing with other English speaking people even though they have the basic knowledge of the English language. This has generally happened because one have had a bad experience while speaking in English at some point in time and this has lead to the destruction of his confidence. Also they have more knowledge of grammar instead of spoken English skills.


  • True beginner

The true beginners have learned to speak at school, from internet, by picking this and that from everywhere. They also speak in slang pretty well.


  • Failed student

This is that last category. The curious thing about people who fell under this category is that they claim they lack skills for studying any foreign language. They have tried and given up after. When one tries again, he or she will most likely quite at the same place/lesson where he/she has quitted the previous time. However, if more constant, one can learn to ignore its previous experience and continue to the next level.


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Nowadays, you can get several courses which can improve your communicative English as well, and will make you efficient in writing skills. These will generally help you in business interactions. But before starting them, remember that it is very important to finish them or otherwise all your hard work would go in vain. Some of the types of courses are:


  • Practice writing with professionals

This is a type of course which will mainly help you to carry out your business interactions. This course mainly focuses on improving your English language. You can write emails to your clients in a good English language. This course will provide you with certain tips on how to write in a professional way. This will surely help you to improve your vocabulary and grammar. Not only this, the course will help you know about the different cultures where your clients belong. Each and every email needs a different style of the formal level, analyzing tone and use of words.


You can enrich the type of content you intend to mail to your client by improving the style of introduction, requests, announcements, etc. Ultimately, at the completion of the course, you will understand the mistakes which you used to make initially. You will be able to see the changes in your earlier emails and the later ones. You can now rectify all your punctuation marks, understand the formality level, and write all the professional writings and business emails.


  • Practice spoken English online

Everyone wants to be an expert in spoken English. This course will surely help you to achieve that goal. Try to speak in English online and also on calls. This will surely make you a professional at speaking English. This is basically a 5-week course. Also, try to participate in all the group discussions. This will help you to understand what you should reply when you are asked a particular thing. This will also enhance your ‘role play’ game.


This course will definitely make you more accurate in choosing the right kind of words. This course includes a combination of lectures, vocabulary quizzes, comprehension, etc. This will eventually make you more confident in spoken English. If possible, try to learn all the commonly used phrases, questions, and settings in spoken English.


  • Build e-Portfolio in English

Majority of the population is engaged in some of the other kind of online activity. Thus, it is very important to be unique in the digital world. The best possible way to do this is to make an e-portfolio. E-portfolio states your resume, presents your background, etc. This course teaches and helps you to improve your grammar, writing skills, vocabulary, etc. This will also help you to learn how to write your resume for several educational and job-based sites and of course in LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc. You can easily get connected to the professionals now.


This course will also make you correct the mistakes of others and ultimately will make you learn some good vocabulary skills. At the end of the course, you will know how to write a proper headline, precise writing. One of the most effective things which this course helps you to do is that now you can present your resume in a professional way and know which particular words should be used for a particular audience.


The above things generally improve your spoken English. But to improve the writing part, you may have to enroll yourself in some of the short-term courses. You can also check out some sites which will provide these free of cost. This will help you to write fiction as well. Some of them are mentioned below:


  • Creative writing for everyone

In addition to enriching your vocabulary, this course will also increase your creativity.


  • English style grammar

In this course, you will be taught the basics of grammar which is actually very important for proper sentence construction. You will be able to write in English confidently now. You will also be able to suffice the high level of writing needs.


  • Punctuation and grammar

The most common thing which happens is that we often forget the basic English grammar rules, which we had to learn in the elementary schools. This short-term course will help you to master your punctuation and basic grammatical skills.


  • Essay writing

Essay writing is one of the best things which can be done to improve your writing skills. You can choose a random topic and start writing on it. This will eventually improve your vocabulary and writing skills.


As said before, there are many sites which can help you to learn quick English language skills. You can find some of the sites which are specially designed for learners to know about the rules of writing English. Some of the basic things which these courses include are: elementary English courses, coffee culture, common culture, etc. These courses encourage the learners to socialize with people so as to increase one’s communicative skills. It is mostly an interactive session while getting connected to millions of people online. Some of the popular institutions generally offer these courses.


These courses generally occur in regular intervals like in a week or twice in a month. They will not only help to learn basic English but also will teach you a high level of English skills which is useful for TOEFL exams or example.


Some of the other types of courses are:


  • Courses of sentence connectors which will help you learn English of pre-college
  • College readiness which will let you choose your own field of interest.



The above courses can be opted if you want to learn English for dealing with your day-to-day activities. It can be business transactions, school-level activities, college-level activities, etc. These courses will surely help you to learn the basics as well the high level of English.


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