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How to Apply to Canada eTA if You Are Exempt From Needing a Visa to Canada:

New laws to enter Canada can be confusing. Since March 15, 2016, anyone wishing to enter Canada must apply for an eTA, if they are the citizen of a country exempt from having to obtain a visa for Canada travel. You may be exempt from having to obtain an eTA if you are a citizen of the US, are traveling to Canada by sea or land, are a citizen of France residing and traveling from St. Pierre, or Miquelon, are a temporary resident with a valid Visa from Canada, are a Canadian permanent resident, are among a flight crew, or are an accredited diplomat.

From the moment you have been granted an eTA, you can travel to Canada, however it will be decided upon by the port of entry immigration officer whether or not you pass a routine inspection. The refusal of your eTA does not mean you cannot request a Visa to Canada from a processing office. You may begin the application process for your eTA directly over out website at Specialists are standing by to assist you if you need help at any time.

If you live in a country that does not require a Visa to Canada, you’ll be required to apply for your eTA before your scheduled travel time. In the event that you’re flying into Canada, you’ll have to have all documents in place before boarding your flight. You can minimize the risks involved in having your application denied by visiting our website and reading important information regarding your eligibility for obtaining an eTA. You can see a complete list of countries that can currently travel without a Visa to Canada by clicking the ‘Information’ link.

In order to be considered for an eTA, Canada will want to be satisfied as to whether you plan on returning to the country of your origin. That means you’ll have to provide some additional information over and above your personal information, such as whether you have a job to return to and whether you own assets that you would not wish to abandon. If you meet the economic and security criteria, and have no criminal record, you may be a candidate for an eTA. You’ll also have to be of good health to travel to Canada. Certain diseases will keep you from being able to visit Canada, like tuberculosis. You can learn more about visiting conditions on our website.

If you’re not required to hold a Visa to Canada, and you wish to apply for an eTA, we’ll make it a simple process when you visit our website. We are proud to offer a wide range of additional services that include securely storing your eTA application, professional reviewal of your eTA application, eTA update services, and much more. Find out just how easy it is to apply by clicking out FAQ link and reading some of the most common answers to questions we receive at Canada eTA.


Visa Canada