The Top 7 Unmissable Experiences in Canada

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It is normal to find diversity in a country as big as Canada: the scenery, its inhabitants, its culture, etc.  Moreover, there are many experiences which will make your trip unique. It doesn’t matter what your preferences, tastes or skills are, you cannot go to Canada without trying these experiences:

1. Go to a ski resort

It would be a pity to go to North America without having lived the true winter experience: going to a ski resort. One of the most famous ski resorts in the world is Whistler-Blackcomb, which was the headquarters of the Winter Olympics in 2010.  This resort has 200 long slopes and tracks for those who want to ski, snowboard or take part in any other snow sports.

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2. Go to the Rocky Mountains

A trip to Canada is not complete without a visit to the majestic Rocky Mountains. This mountain range extends through the provinces of British Colombia and Alberta. All the best postcards and panoramic photos of Canada have these snow-capped mountains in the background, with their glaciers, turquoise, iridescent lakes and great variety of wildlife. It is the perfect place to go walking or climbing.

3. Go to see polar bears

Because it is so close to the Artic, you can go to see polar bears in the Canadian tundra, especially in Churchill, Manitoba. We recommend travelling to this small town in autumn, since this is the best period to see polar bears after they have emigrated in search of seals.

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4. Enjoy the Northern Lights

The Scandinavian countries are not the only place where you can see the Northern Lights. This natural wonder can also be seen in the Canadian region of Yukon. Moreover, Fort McMurray in the Rocky Mountains is one of the best places in Canada to see the Northern Lights, in the observation centre which is specially designed for the night skies.

5. Walk the Trans Canada Trail

If you love walking, Canada promotes this activity with the creation of these trails where the country’s nature can be admired. The Trans Canada Trail, which is 21,500km long, is the longest recreational route in the world. In fact, it would take you more than 2 years to walk the whole route and a bit less by bike or on horseback. The routes are very versatile and adapt to any kind of adventure.

6. Go whale watching

At least 30 species of whale can be seen from the Canadian coast, including the humpback whales in Terranova, Minke whales near the San Lorenzo River, belugas whales in the Hudson Bay, etc. However, the best scenario is getting close to the orcas. You can spot this species from Vancouver Island, since it is a migratory stopover for salmon (the natural prey of the orca) as they travel along the west coast of Canada, more specifically where the Fraser River and the Georgia Strait meet.

If you are a risk lover, you can go there by kayak and watch the interactions between more than 200 orcas that settle there.

7. Brave the waves in Shubenacadie

Fundy Bay is an inlet located on the west coast of Canada in the Gulf of Maine and it is considered to be the place with the highest waves in the world (up to 15 metres). For this reason, a huge hole is formed which flows towards the feeder rivers. Because of this unique occurrence many people go rafting on motorised zodiacs in the mouth of the Shubenacadie River in Nova Scotia, where they feel the force of the tidal bore. Before taking part in this activity, make sure to check out in which phase of the moon you will be travelling, since this has an effect on whether the experience will be gentle or wild.

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