Top 3 Things To See As A Tourist In Canada

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Canada, known to be the second-largest city in the world, attracts thousands of tourists per year. Every place in the country is picturesque. It has different natural wonders that everyone – both local and foreign – would love to pay a visit.

If you are one of those who is interested in visiting the country and starting your ETA Canada application right away, here are some of the things you should see in Canada and tips on how to go around it:

Top 3 Things To See

Canada Map FLagIn case you have already filed for your ETA Canada for your visa processing, it is time to plan out the places and things to see in the country. You can explore various areas that can bring you closer to nature, breathe anew, and relax.

1. Niagara Falls. Your Canada visit would not be complete without visiting the country’s most famous natural attraction. Millions of local and foreign visitors take tours to see the beauty of the enormous falls that drops roughly at 57 meters.
2. Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains. If you are looking for a more picture-perfect spot to lay eyes on in Canada, this is the right place for that. The beauty of Banff National Park and the Rocky Mountains is unforgettable. It is set in the province of Alberta that is worth the trek and the drive. Many people have also proposed to the love of their lives in this destination.
3. Old Quebec. The Old Quebec or Vieux-Quebec takes you back to the city’s history. It belongs to UNESCO World Heritage Sites and consists of many historical architectures. It is also a well-developed area for tourism that showcases the beauty and history of the country as a whole.

Tips When Travelling To Canada

If you have received approval of your Canada ETA or still waiting or learning the whole process, it is pertinent to know various tips when visiting the country. This way, you are guided with the different procedures or essential matters especially if you are not entirely familiar about the place.

Select the right outfit. Weather temperature across the country differ; hence, it is important to finalize your itinerary, so you would know what gear to bring. If you are visiting on a Winter season, ensure that you have your woolen clothes and accessories, your waterproof jacket, and snow boots with you.
Be vigilant to protect yourself from petty crimes. Unfortunately, no matter how safe a city can be, there would always be a small percentage of petty crimes. A large city like Canada is no exemption. If you are a first-time tourist, make sure that you are vigilant and always alert whenever you go. Doing so can save you from pick-pocketers or robbers, scalpers, and the like.
Secure your travel insurance. In processing your Canada ETA and wanting to have more security during your travel, it is also advisable to have travel insurance. Insurance coverage will come in handy especially if you are going to do largely on outdoor and risky activities like snowboarding and skiing.
Secure internet connection plans. If you are visiting Canada for quite long, an internet connection will be handy. You can check your work, post your travel photos on social media, use it for booking, and even accessing the city’s map.
Know your emergency numbers. It is essential to know the numbers you can call whenever you have an emergency. Secure 911 as a go-to number during uncontrollable scenarios. Yes, it is the same as with the United States.

What To Expect

Visiting and exploring a new country is exciting, but at the same time could be a little bit scary. Prior to your visit and Canada ETA process, ensure that you have read on the laws and regulations about speed limits, drinking and smoking policies, and bringing of firearms.

Also, know the exchange rate from your country’s currency and Canadian dollar. This will guide about how much you would spend on food, lodging, and shopping. Do not forget to declare you are a tourist when buying goods and services to be sure of the taxes you may or may not have to pay.


Traveling to Canada would be one of those remarkable experiences you will have. If you are scheduling to visit the country anytime soon, file your visa application as early as possible. This is so you can start building your travel itinerary already. For any hesitations and confusions about visa processing, fees, and other technical details, consult an expert.