The Cities with the Best Climate in Canada

The Cities with the Best Climate in Canada

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Canada is a dream country to live in for many people, mainly because of the lifestyle, job opportunities, stunning nature, and humble Canadian people. But climatic conditions of Canada are also very preferable for most of the people, and you can find the moderate temperature in Canada throughout the year. If you are also planning to settle down in Canada, and if you are looking for the cities with the best climate in the country, then we will give you a list of cities with the best climate in Canada.

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Eight best places in Canada that ranked as “best weather”:

It is true that people love to spend their winter in a snowy climate and here in Canada, you can find many places with picturesque winter. But to spend your daily life, you need to choose a city where the temperature is moderate, and here you can find some similar places in Canada where you can find the best climate to live:

  1. Toronto: Toronto is the biggest city in Canada, and is counted among the top 5 biggest cities in North America. With so many places to see and things to do in Toronto, you will never get bored while in the city. However, it is also preferred by many people due to the pleasant climate. Lake Ontario situated by the city ensures warmer winters and cooler summers. The climate is fairly sunny, and you can feel the hottest summer in Toronto.


  1. Windsor: Located in the south of Ontario, Windsor city is the hottest city in Ontario. This city also has a semi-continental type of climate, due to which it has cold winters and warm and humid summers. The humidity it receives in summer is due to its close proximity to the Great Lakes that make some people uncomfortable. However, it has a sunny climate in summer, and here you can find moderate temperature throughout the year.


  1. Halifax, Nova Scotia: Halifax is known to have mild winters and warm summers. The temperature remains between -8 to 24°C. The coldest month of the year is January when the temperature can reach a low point of -1°C. The warmest month is August, and September is the mildest one as far as the average temperature is concerned. Although Halifax receives heavy snowfall during winters, the snow covers are usually patchy due to freeze-thaw cycles that run from time to time. Spring season is cool and wet and arrives late in Halifax as compared to other parts of Canada. November to February is a high precipitation period, while August is the driest and warmest month of the year.


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  1. St. Catharines: This city has a humid climate due to Lake Ontario, and Niagara Escarpment influencing the local weather conditions. As a result, St. Catharines is a place where a number of wineries manage to survive and flourish. Winter seasons have plenty of frost-free days and freeze-thawing cycles. Summers are warmer with 27°C maximum temperature. Thunderstorms are common occurrences during summers, but mostly less severe than the southern part of Ontario due to the effects of the lakes nearby. The highest temperature recorded so far is 40°C and the lowest temperature recorded is -25.7°C in 1936 and 1979 respectively.


  1. Kelowna, BC: This city has a humid continental type of climate featuring warm summers and cold winters. In winters, the temperature remains 0.8°C in the day and falls to -7.2°C in the nights on an average. During spring seasons, the temperature can climb to 14.9°C during the evening, while 0.8°C in the nights on an average. In summers, the temperature can reach 26.4°C in days and 9.4°C in the nights on an average. The city receives mean annual precipitation of 366.5mm. So, you can expect moderate temperature throughout the year, even in the peak summer and winter months. However, there is no dry period due to rainfall occurring during most part of the year. Apart from that, the population of this city is quite less than in other major cities, and you can spend a peaceful life here.


  1. Vancouver: The city has a moderate oceanic type of climate, which means that the summers are dry and the rest part of the year is rainy, especially from October to March. Summer months are usually July and August. The city has a moderate kind of temperature and frequent sea breeze due to its coastal location. Areas like North Vancouver district receive more rain than other parts of the city. High altitude areas like Coquitlam and Burnaby Mountain receive snowfall almost every winter. Snow of Vancouver is usually wet. This is a place that can provide you best winter, and if you enjoy a snowy winter time, then you can choose this city.


  1. Abbotsford: Abbotsford has an oceanic type of climate which generally features mild winters and mild summers. It has a narrow range of annual temperature. The mean temperature of the warmest month is below 22°C, and the mean temperature of the coldest month is above 0°C. Since precipitation is dispersed all through the year, it does not witness a dry season on an average. The summers are not extremely dry, but storm activities are common. Cloudy and overcast conditions are also common due to constant storms.


  1. Victoria: The climate of Victoria remains moderate all through the year, mainly because it lies in the sub-Mediterranean zone. On average, the city receives 2193 hours of sunshine every year, and around 8 months of the year remains frost-free. The city receives an annual rainfall of 58.3cm, with monthly average rainfall being 8.5cm in winters and 1.83cm in summers. Since the city has low humidity conditions and offshore breezes are constantly coming in the area, the summer days are mild and evenings are cool. Winters from November to March are also mild with almost no snow. It is a perfect city to live in Canada, in terms of weather.


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We all know Canada to be covered with snow year-round, but this list will help you decide upon a Canadian city that has mild climate so that your life remains easy and comfortable.