Surprising facts about Canada

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1. Every year one million letters are sent to Santa Claus

Every Christmas, over one million letters to Santa Claus are sent the postal code «H0H 0H0, North Pole, Canada» from all over the planet. This is an actual Canadian postal code.

 2. Canadian police can give you a «positive fine»

It’s true! If they catch a citizen doing something particularly good, Canadian police have the power to give «positive fines» by way of thanks.

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 3. Canada has no weapons of mass destruction

By law, since 1984 Canada does not make or plan to make weapons of mass destruction. To such an extent that Canada has signed international treaties which reject even the ownership of such weapons.

 4. In Newfoundland hockey is played on the frozen Atlantic

Frequently the waters of the Atlantic Ocean get so cold that they freeze and the inhabitants of Newfoundland make the most of this situation to practice the local pastime, ice hockey.

5. Prostitution is legal in Canada. Hiring a prostitute is a crime.

Similar to the Swedish system, although prostitution is legal in Canada, it is illegal to hire the services of a prostitute.

6. Canada has the longest coastline in the world

With 243,791 kilometres, Canada is the country with the most coastline in the world. This, together with the fact that a large part of the coastline consists of barely inhabited or even virgin natural landscapes, makes it even more attractive, if possible.

7. The longest street in the world is in Canada

Yonge Street, in Toronto, in the province of Ontario, is the longest street in the world. It is no less than 56 kilometres long and Canada’s first metro line runs below it.

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8. Canada responded to Pearl Harbour before the USA

During the Second World War, almost immediately after the infamous Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, Canada declared war on Japan – due to a technical matter, Parliament had adjourned and the Prime Minister could declare war by the “fast route”, while the USA took longer to act.

9. Canada has the longest border in the world

The border between Canada and the United States is the longest in the world. Its 8,891 kilometres run from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean, passing through the Great Lakes and it even has some sections in the Artic. Moreover, given Canada’s peaceful disposition, it is also the world’s longest demilitarised border. No soldiers protect the border.

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