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Requirements for Canadian Visa

Canadian Visa Requirements

canadian travelGood news for travelers from the UK (United Kingdom), Ireland, Australia and New Zealand who want to travel to Canada! Starting 15 March 2016, visas are no longer needed to enter the country. However, you will need to have an eTA to be admitted to Canada.

eTA refers to Electronic Travel Authorization, and the application process is online. You need to meet the following requirements to apply for an eTA:

  • Have a valid passport from your visa exempt country of origin (UK, Ireland, Australia or New Zealand). All other forms of travel documents will be declined.
  • A Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card to pay the required $7 CAD (Canadian Dollar) fee.
  • An email address for the eTA to be sent to you.

You will need to apply for each person separately, including minors. The eTA is valid for five years and will allow multiple entries into Canada for this period. You will be authorized to stay and travel throughout Canada for up to a period of six months.

However, a border services officer, at their discretion, may either limit or extend the time of stay. If you need to stay for longer than the period allowed, you will need to apply for an extended stay at least 30 days before the six months expires. The eTa does not permit you to live or work in Canada, and this will require a different type of visa.

Citizens of non-visa exempt countries will still need to apply for a visa. Visitor visa requirements from these countries will require:

  • A valid passport or other travel document.
  • No illness or medical condition that could prevent entry.
  • No criminal convictions or record of any kind whatsoever.
  • Have enough funds to cover your living expenses in Canada.
  • Provide proof of employment, familial ties or other reasons that will induce you to return to your home country and leave Canada at the proposed end of your stay.
  • You may be required to undergo a medical exam and submit the necessary health certificate.
  • You may need a letter that confirms an invitation from a friend or family member who is a permanent resident or citizen of Canada and whom you will be visiting during your stay.

You can apply for two types of visas:

  • A single entry visa will allow you to enter Canada only once and will have a fixed period before it expires. Normally, the visa will only be valid for the proposed duration of your visit.
  • A multiple-entry visa will allow you to travel to and from Canada for an unlimited amount of times within a ten year period. Each tour will be limited to a period of 6 months or the period determined by a border official.

Once your visa has expired, you will need to leave the country immediately. If you need to stay longer than the permitted period, you will need to apply for an extension as soon as possible.

Apply for a Canadian Visa today.