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Electronic Travel Authorization Information

Canada eTA Visa: Important information

eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is an automated system that determines the eligibility of visitors to travel to the Canada. Only travelers from countries exempt from the having to obtain a visa and lawful permanent residents of the United States (Green Card holders) are eligible to apply. Please note that you must be traveling by air to request a Canadian eTA Visa – travelers from visa exempt countries and permanent residents of the United States arriving by land or sea are not required to apply for an eTA.

All travelers from visa exempt countries and lawful permanent residents of the United States need eTA authorization approval to board their flight for travel to Canada. The eTA system allows you to apply online and receive authorization. The eTA system is a Canadian Government program managed by Citizenship and Immigration Canada and its purpose is to screen passengers before authorizing their right to enter Canada.

eTA becomes mandatory on March 15, 2016 in order to identify and screen foreign nationals who do not require a visa to visit Canada and permanent residents of the United States. International travelers entering are now required to obtain an electronic travel authorization prior to their trip to the Canada. Travelers from visa exempt countries and permanent residents of the United States will be able to apply for an eTA starting August 1, 2015 although the program will not be mandatory until March 15, 2016.

The eTA Visa application process is done only online and Citizenship and Immigration Canada manages the system.

Approved eTA applications are valid for a period of five years or until the passport expires, whichever comes first.

Canada eTa electronic travel authorization agency is not affiliated with the Government of Canada or the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Department or any other Canadian government agency or department. It is a commercial website that provides assistance to travelers for the processing of their electronic travel authorization documents in order to enter Canada. We charge $ 67usd for each application. The eta can be obtained on the Canada government site for 7CAD.


  • You are a citizen of a country that is exempt from having to obtain a visa to travel to Canada or are a lawful permanent resident of the United States with a valid alien registration card (Green Card)
  • You are traveling by air to Canada
  • You have sufficient funds to cover your stay in Canada
  • You have a valid passport
  • You have no criminal or immigration-related convictions


  • Citizens of the United States of America
  • Travelers entering Canada by sea or land
  • Citizens of France residing and traveling from St. Pierre and Miquelon
  • Temporary residents with a valid Canadian visa
  • Canadian permanent residents
  • Flight crews
  • Accredited diplomats


As soon as you are granted an electronic travel authorization (eTA), you can travel to Canada. Although eTA authorization is mandatory, it does not guarantee admission to Canada Upon arrival to Canada you will be subject to a routine inspection at the port of entry by an immigration officer who will determine your admission to Canada according to applicable law.

Refusal of an eTA application does not prevent the applicant to request a visa from a Canada visa processing office.

All information provided by you or by a designated third party must be true and accurate. An approved electronic travel authorization may be cancelled at any time for any reason, especially if new personal circumstances or information affect the application. Providing false, misleading or fraudulent information knowingly and intentionally when submitting a travel request may lead to action taken against you including but not limited to charges of perjury.