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Information On Canadian Electronic Travel Authorization

canada entryA recent change by the Canadian government requires eTA (electronic travel authorization) before being able to travel. Those who don’t have this will not be able to come to Canada or receive approval for their Canada visa.

It is essential to have this on record and to apply for it as necessary.

Let’s learn more about what the Canadian electronic travel authorization is all about and what it will mean for those who are going to the country from other parts of the world.

This information is indispensable for those who are planning on having their documents prepared as soon as possible.

Only Required For Flyers

Who will need the eTA when traveling? Only those who are going to be flying to Canada have an obligation to have this. Those who are dual-nationals do not have to sign up for the visa.

Those who are not flying in will be exempt from this and are not expected to fill out the application.

It is important to look at the countries that are exempt and make sure to see whether you need it or not. There is also a leniency period as the rule change is recent. Those who are traveling soon might not require it.

General Visa Requirements Still Present

What about general visa requirements for those who are hoping to travel? The basic requirements are still going to apply for those who are getting their visa approval processed. This is just an add-on to this process and will be approved alongside the initial visa application.

Please fill out both applications thoroughly and honestly as this will determine whether you are accepted or not.

There are additional stages along the way depending on your country of origin. These can include interviews by an immigration officer to ensure everything adds up. Please be prepared to receive contact from the Canadian High Commission on this matter.

Apply Online

Where will a person be applying for this electronic travel authorization? It is going to take 5-7 minutes online to complete the application. You have to go to the main Canadian visa website and apply through there.

It can also be done at the local Canadian High Commission depending on where you are located.

It is important to have this done along with the visa application that is going to go through. This will speed up the approval process once you are signing up.

Specific Foreign Examples

What about particular countries around the world and their citizens? There are four examples which will be touched upon here for those who are traveling to Canada. Beginning with England, citizens of this country are not required to obtain a visa for shorter trips, but for longer ones the same process as the rest of the world will apply. It is important to note, the eTA is going to be mandatory because they will be flying over from this country.

The same rules are going to apply to citizens of Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand as well when hoping to come to Canada.

Please note down specific changes as they happen by visiting the official government website. Doing this will ensure any changes made are adhered to and don’t cause disruptions in your travel plans moving forward.

This is what the Canadian electronic travel authorization is all about. It will be handled through the online systems set up at the airport to ensure you are cleared. It will go on your record for a set period.

You will have to travel as expected in the application or it can be revoked. Please do apply as soon as you can.

To find out how to apply for a Canada eTA please visit our home page and choose your country.