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Canada Visa Info and Application

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Depending on the individual’s nationality, the process of obtaining a Canadian Visa can vary. There are various factors that affect the visa process as someone from Southeast Asia will need to go through a totally different procedure than someone from the UK.

What the applicant needs to keep in mind is to know what the application process for the Canadian Visa requires from the foreign national and should make sure that they meet the requirements.

In the following section we will let you know the basic requirements and as per the person’s nationality, what the application process entails.

Basic Requirements

Regardless from where the applicant(s) is travelling from, the basic requirements have to be met. This is an essential part of the process as without fulfilling these requirements the application will be regarded as incomplete and will be undoubtedly rejected. The following is a list of the said requirements for the person wanting to travel to Canada.

  1. You are a permanent and lawful resident of the United States and have a valid Green Card or if you are a national of a country that does not require you to get a visa for travelling to Canada.
  2. You must have a valid Passport
  3. No history of criminal activity and convictions in that regard (Screened and cleared before flying)
  4. Entering Canada via air travel
  5. Your trip to Canada is for 180 days or less and is related to business, tourism or transit
  6. You are in Good Health
  7. Depending on the situation, you have enough funds for the duration of your visit to take care of yourself
  8. You will need a visa depending on which country you are travelling from

Before you enter Canada it is essential that you meet these basic requirements mentioned above. You can take these requirements as a checklist of sorts so you can make sure you have met all these prerequisites.

The Application Process

Moving onto the application process, only a selected number of nationalities are exempt from getting a visa and can come to Canada on the basis of their passport alone. Citizens of the United States do not require this document.
If you are travelling by air, the requirement will be to apply for an eTA or a visa (in case your nationality is not visa-exempted)The national government has issued the requirement for the eTA for those wanting to enter Canada via Air Travel. The procedure can be completed online.
to enter Canada via Air Travel. The procedure can be completed online.
The CANADA eTA application process requires travelers to provide personal and background information in an online application form.
The application will require the following information:

  1. Traveler information such as home address and phone number
  2. Passport information including passport number, date of issue and date of expiration
  3. Employment information and employer name
  4. A valid email address
  5. A credit or debit card for payment.

Once the eTA application form is completed and payment is submitted, our agents will carefully review the information and look for errors or omissions.
Our agency has processed thousands of applications and our vast experience allows us to quickly spot any errors that could lead to delays or rejections. Once we review the application we submit it and monitor the status.
Once the application has been approved we will send you an email with the approval Document.
You will have to print this document out and keep it among your travel documents (e.g. passport, flight tickets, etc).
The whole Canada eTA applications process takes a few minutes and then you will be on your way to Canada!