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Canada Tourist Visa

All About Canada Tourist Visa

canada-etaA visitor is a person who decides to enter Canada for a temporary purpose such as study, work or visit. Every visitor must apply for a Canada tourist visa when entering the country. All visitors must possess a valid document before appearing at a Point Of Entry (POE) in Canada. Citizens of some countries do not require a visa when entering Canada. England or the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland are some of the countries that are exempted from obtaining a tourist visa when entering Canada. This article provides a comprehensive overview of obtaining Canadian tourist visas.

The Canadian tourist visa application process involves two steps. The visitor should submit a valid visa application form to the Canadian visa office in his or her respective country. The applicant may have to face an interview with the visa office to determine the reasons for his or her visit to Canada. The officer will assess the applicant’s willingness to leave the country on expiration of the tourist visa and other formalities. The applicant will need to show the officer the request letter he or she received from a relative or friend in Canada asking them to visit Canada. They will need to show the visa office how they are going to cover up the expenses involved in the trip to Canada. These are important things to remember when you are applying for a Canadian tourist visa.

Once the visit visa is issued, the applicant can plan his or her trip accordingly. When they land in Canada, they will have to present the visa to the officer at the POE (point of entry). The officer will question the applicant before allowing him/her into the country. A visitor visa is usually issued for single entry or multiple entry purposes. The fees applied for the visa will vary according to this requirement. Single entry visas are issued up to six months before the expected date of travel. Multiple visas are issued for a maximum of five years. These are important things to remember when you decide to obtain a tourist visa to visit Canada.

In conclusion, Canada is a very popular tourist destination in the world. Many individuals are planning to visit the country on a tourist visa. This  article provided a comprehensive overview of some of the most important things to consider when applying for a tourist visa to Canada.

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