Canada: Stunning places you cannot miss

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If you’re a person who loves adventure, discovering new places, challenging yourself and travelling the world searching for new experiences, making friends and discovering new things, you should take the time to read this article, because we are going to give you Top 3 incredible places to visit, which if you haven’t heard of them or looked on the internet, will definitely get your attention. These places look like something out of a film. If you are a science fiction fan, you might see some similarities in reality, since the places we are going to talk about look just like scenes out of a Michael Bay film or a screen adaptation of J.R.R Tolkien’s work.

If you are interested in travelling to Canada, please remember to obtain your electronic travel permit beforehand, i.e. ETA Visa or ETA Canada.

Go for it! Travel to Canada as a tourist or temporary has never been so easy! Here are our Top 3 places that, no matter what, and if we may say so again, you cannot miss when you are in Canada.

# 1. Mount Thor, also known as Thor Peak:

This is a mountain with an elevation of no less than 1,675 metres, which is located in the Auyuittuq National Park. This marvel of natural architecture, if we can call it that, is 46 km northeast of Pangnirtung.

We call it a marvel of natural architecture because it features Earth’s greatest vertical drop. Its height from its base to its highest point is of approximately 1250 metres, with an incredible overhang angle of 105º, seeming to defy the laws of physics. Yes, you read correctly, 105º overhang, converting this majestic jewel of the landscape into a void of 15º more than what is normally accepted to be vertical. A historic piece of information is that the first ascent of this giant of the heights took place in 1953, by personnel of the Artic Institute of North America. This natural beauty is part of the Baffin Mountains, which is part of the Artic Cordillera.

#2 Abraham Lake:

Our number two goes to Abraham Lake, which is a man-made water formation in Saskatchewan River. Located north of West Alberta in Canada, this “little glass of water” covers a surface of almost 54 square kilometres and you definitely couldn’t use your school ruler to measure its length which is 32 kilometres, i.e. approximately 20 miles.

This formation, which is brimming with water, was created in 1972, due to the construction and putting into service of the Bighorn Dam. Its name was chosen through a competition. Abraham Lake has a beautiful blue colour which is characteristic of glacial landforms, even though it is not natural, but is manmade and it has a heliport on its western edge. So, if you like heights or photography, you should keep Abraham Lake in mind, since it is an undeniably attractive place for enthusiasts of this art for capturing moments. In winter, photos have been taken showing the beauty of this place when the water has frozen creating bubbles under the ice, which can be seen perfectly from heights or from the surface. This phenomenon is mainly due to the decomposition of plants found on the riverbed, which causes a natural process releasing methane gas.

#3 Niagara Falls:

To finish our top 3, we just wanted to say that, without a doubt, this is and will continue to be one of the most beautiful places to see if you do go to Canada. A classic example of the geography and grandeur of Canada’s natural beauties. The Niagara Falls are located on the course of the River Niagara (to the northwest of North America), in the area of the border with the United States. Niagara Falls is 236 metres above sea-level and is approximately 64 metres high.