Canada – Our Top Budget Accommodation Tips

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Canada is like the United State, based on their business class-hotels, resorts, small inns, and B&BS. Among all the countries, Canada has the lowest population densities in the world. If you travel alone then you can book a camp for your staying because hostel will cost you more and you can also save your cost by booking a bed in hostel dorms. But during night, you cannot get a peaceful silent sleep due to huge noise created by your room mates. So what will be the solution to find out the for top budget accommodation in Canada? In this case, you can follow some other options like cabin rental, home exchange, house sittings and farm stays.

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Being newcomer, the first thing you do is finding the accommodation in Canada. You may go for temporary accommodation after you can search for the best apartments or houses for rent in Canada. Else if you want to stay for few days only then you can choose some farm strays or hostel rooms.

Tips for getting accommodation in Canada


In Canada, you can find many hostels and hotels in urban areas. So you have to book in advance to ensure that you have the temporary accommodation in Canada is available.  If you look for the top budget accommodation then you can go for the hostel booking, because they have an extensive collection of short-term stay. Even you can also book budget friendly dormitory in hostel to save your cost.

Now the Canadian Government helps the newcomers for finding the temporary accommodation in Canada as a part of its Resettlement Assistance Program. For further information regarding such programs, you can get connected with the Canadian Government.

Finding Houses and Apartments in Canada

In Canada, there is plenty of rental accommodation that includes condominiums, houses, and apartments. Some houses are available entirely for rent and some are split into several units. So you can book a Duplex for your small family or book a Triplex for group accommodation.

The apartment will be available to rent the range from single room serves as have the bedroom and living area to multiple bedrooms and separate living area. Some accommodation owners don’t include the utility cost which means electricity and water. But you have to ask them about their prices and taxes that you need to pay at the end of your trip.

Book an apartment for your short stay:

Simply, you can roam around your neighborhood, as landlords will post the board outside of their property. Usually, Landlords will get information about your ability to pay rents while before offering a lease. Then they want some documents that include:

  • Letter from the current company, the letter should be indicated by your annual income
  • Submit the bank statements that will your savings to cover the rent
  • Get a reference from your previous landlords.

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As well as, most of the landlords require Canadian documentation. So if you do not have such documentations then you can contact with your company to arrange the same.

Stay in Resort

Some of the jobs include accommodation. If you are working in the resort, hotel or mountain lodge, then you won’t worry about the accommodation.

You may end up in a limited space shared dorm because it will be cost-effective. So, you should go for a hospitality job at one of the best resorts and make sure to check if there is an accommodation included or not. Even there are some home exchange programs available in Canada and you can avail such programs to save your cost. Homeowners can exchange their home with the travelers who live in a foreign country and they can use your home for the stipulated timeframe. But this program can be availed by the Canadian citizens only.

Hotels and Motels in Canada

In Canada, hotels are classified into 3 categories such as high-class establishments, plain downtown places, and roadside motels.

So, you may choose the last two categories for your budgets.

  • Mid-price Hotels: often it is part of Holiday Inn and Best Western. It offers more comfort while comparing to motels.
  • Bottom bracket hotels:

You can find in small-sized towns and most-medium towns and cost from $65 to $80. The benefit of this hotel is being extremely central.

The motor hotels are driver friendly and their cost comes at a reasonable price. In the Canadian motels, the simple rooms cost start at around $75 as well as the average price near $100. You can also able to arrange the motels at the cheaper deals.

Go for Farm Stays

You can also choose a farm stay in Canada. The farm life experience includes planting, feeding animals, general farm chores or cooking, and harvesting crops too.

You may book the best farm stays online instantly and get good availability at the lower price in Canada.

Definitely, you get experience in the great outdoors and learn new skills. Facilities can be varied the range from basic camping to rustic cabins, and it depends on the farms.

So, don’t waste your time, browse the best collection of farm stays and then see the reviews as well as opt for a great deal of the day.

Things to remember while before choosing accommodation

Keep in Mind while choosing accommodation in Canada

Do you want to stay in a hotel or hostel? You should inspect your room on arrival while before giving a payment. You may ask the local tourism association when you are unsure about your hotel location. Even you can also choose a house sitting jobs in Canada and stay in a private house while the homeowner is on vacation. But in this case, you need to maintain their house and feed their pets. But they will not charge you anything for your staying.

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Traveling to Canada could be very expensive and time-consuming, so you can choose the rental car and stay the top budget hotels and get a memorable experience. But for your travel to Canada, you must try cabin rental once because they are situated inside the dense forest and you can save your cost by cook your foods in your own cabin. Even you can also share your cabin with other travelers to save your overall cost.

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