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Are you Eligible for a Canada Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)?

Starting March 15, 2016 citizens of countries eligible to enter Canada without a tourist visa will need to apply online for an eTA prior to traveling to Canada. The eTA application process is simple and you can apply from the comfort of your own home. In order to determine if you are eligible and to […]

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BLOG: All about Canada & ETA

Social Etiquette in Canada

Are you visiting Canada for the first time and have questions about general social norms in Canada?  Do remember that if you are a citizen of a country that does not require a visa to visit Canada you are now required to apply online for a Canada eta before traveling to Canada. Canada is a […]

Social Etiquette in Canada

BLOG: All about Canada & ETA

Shopping in Canada

One of the most popular activities for visitors to Canada is shopping. Canada shares many similarities to shopping in the United States as many of the shops are the same, there is a lot of choice and prices can be very competitive in comparison to other regions of the world. In order to enjoy the […]


BLOG: All about Canada & ETA

Ottawa: A Guide to Canada’s Charming Capital City

Many people when asked will say that the capital city of Canada is Toronto or Montreal. Ottawa, a city with a population of almost one million inhabitants, is not well known outside of Canada.  The city is known for its charming brick architecture and some attractive buildings characteristic of its status as the capital of […]

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BLOG: All about Canada & ETA

Do British Citizens Need a Visa for Canada?

British citizens do not need a visa to visit Canada for short stays for tourism and business activities but do not include work. All visits are at the discretion of Canadian Border Services who may require you to provide the proof of funds that will support you during your stay, travel medical insurance, passport and […]

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BLOG: All about Canada & ETA

Top Attractions in Montreal – Canada’s Second Largest City

Montreal is the largest city in the Province of Quebec and the second largest city in Canada with a population of over 2 million people. It has a perfect mix of European charm and North American modernity. Montreal is a cosmopolitan and fully bilingual city and a must see destination on any visit to Canada. […]

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A Guide to Toronto: Top Attractions in Canada’s Largest City

As Canada’s most important gateway and with the most important airport, most people traveling to Canada enter through Toronto. Canada’s largest city has a population of over 5 million people and is one of the most diverse cities in the world. Toronto is also home to some of Canada’s top museums and cultural attractions. In […]

CN Tower

BLOG: All about Canada & ETA

Travel Information: Toronto Pearson International Airport

Most people who fly into Canada enter through Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. As the largest international gateway to the country as well the hub of Air Canada, whether you are transiting to another city in Canada or staying, chances are you’ll use Canada’s largest airport. In order to understand a little bit more about the […]


BLOG: All about Canada & ETA

A Guide for First Time Travelers to Canada

Planning your first trip to Canada?  Canada is one of the most beautiful and clean countries on earth, offering a geographic diversity that corresponds to its massive size.  From historic cities such as Quebec City and Montreal in Eastern Canada to trendy Vancouver on the Pacific coast, Canada will appeal to all travelers depending on […]

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BLOG: All about Canada & ETA

A Guide to Canada’s Food

When you ask most people about Canadian food they immediately produce a blank expression. Unlike its big neighbor to the south and its famous burgers, barbecue and apple pie, Canada’s foods aren’t very well known outside of Canada. As a melting pot of cultures and with strong native, European and most recently Asian influence, Canada […]

A dish from the Province of Quebec