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Everything You Should Know About Canada ETA

Every year, quite a large number of people come to Canada for various purposes. Until September 30, 2016, when the government of Canada enforced a new entry requirement, most visitors coming into the country by air, only required their passport, visa, and a few other travel documents. Here are things you should know about Canada eTA.

Who Needs an ETA?

All foreign nationals from visa-exempt countries coming into Canada by air needs an eTA to enable them to board an airplane going to Canada. The eTA system makes it possible for immigration authorities to confirm the admissibility of passengers who intend to travel to Canada by air. This way, the authorities can prevent unwanted visitors from getting into the country. However, the eTa requirement does not apply to citizens of the United States and a few other groups.

What is the Cost of Application

The cost of applying for a Canada eTA online is $7. It is valid for five years from the day it is issued. All applicants should know that the eTA loses its validity once a designated officer cancels it or if their passport expires within the five year validity period.

What are the Requirements?

When applying for Canada Electronic Travel Authorization, you are required to provide personal information such as your date and place of birth, full name, gender, passport number, nationality and home address. You can choose to apply for an eTA online or through a paper application.

How Long does the Process Take?

Since the Canada eTA program is quite young, there is no specific processing time. While some applications get authorization within only a few minutes, others need further processing and may take about three days to get approval. If your application is pending, you may be contacted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) to provide additional information.

Can your Application be Denied?

Although Canadians are friendly and welcoming your eTA application can be denied on the following grounds:

if you lack enough money to support yourself during your stay in Canada.

If you have a medical condition that poses a risk to others.

If you have been convicted of crimes such as drug trafficking, drunk driving, etc

What Can You Do if the eTA is Denied?

When an Electronic Travel Authorization application is denied, there is no provision for a formal appeal or review process. Although eTA applications are rarely declined, prospective travelers who are denied authorization are advised to obtain a travel visa to Canada via a Canadian consulate or embassy. However, you can re-apply for an eTA if your situation has changed, making the application form data different. Also if you were refused an eTA due to criminality, you could reapply after overcoming your inadmissibility. You will be issued a Criminal Rehabilitation (CR) or Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) before you can get into Canada.

What are the Implications of Entering False Information on the Canada eTA Application?

Providing false information on the eTA application can result in the barring of an individual from entering Canada for a considerable period as well as border denial. It can also lead to permanent ineligibility for migration to Canada via the eTA program.


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