Canada Electronic Travel Authorization

Canada Electronic Travel Authorization: What You Need To Know

Recently, the Canadian government officially introduced a new entry requirement mandating foreign nationals from visa-exempt countries coming into or transiting through the country by air to apply for their own Electronic Travel Authorization, otherwise known as eTA. Visa-exempt foreign citizens are people who are not permanent residents or citizens of Canada.

Typically, these people do not require any official endorsement in a passport authorizing them to enter Canada. Eligible travelers from visa-exempt foreign nations have been able to apply for an eTA since August 1, 2015. With this authorization, they can be able to transit through or enter the country by air. Those who are not eligible to apply for Canada Electronic Travel Authorization include:

    Canadian permanent residents Canadian citizens (including dual citizens) Travelers with a valid Canadian visa S. citizens

How to apply for an eTA online

Anyone can apply for a Canada Electronic Travel Authorization online. But before you apply, you must ensure to have a debit or credit card and a valid passport at hand. Also, you need a working email address and be willing to provide answers to a few questions that will be asked you during the application process.

The process is relatively simple and like most applicants, you can get your eTA approval within the shortest possible time. However, it is important to note that if you are asked to provide supporting documents, your request may take several days to process. To this end, it is better not to book your flight to Canada until you have successfully obtained an eTA.

In case of any confusion, ensure to read the help document for better clarification. You can only apply via the form provided online. Ensure you have your information ready as the form cannot be saved. Once completed, you will be required to make a payment of $7 CAD for the Electronic Travel Authorization.

Usually, approval is granted within minutes of applying. But in some cases, further validation may be required which can prolong the time of approval. Some applicants may be required to present certain documents for validation which will have to be submitted along with their application before an approval can be granted.

Such applicants get instructions on how to go about the subsequent process via mail which is usually sent within 72 hours. So ensure to always check your email about your Canada Electronic Travel Authorization application. Also, note that this online application form is only available in English and French.

Other helpful information

Application for Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) can only be done for a single individual at a time. If you are applying as a family, the application will be submitted on an individual basis. Simply put, one form per person.

Once you make payment, ensure to print the receipt immediately as you won’t be able to do this later. This is very important because once closed, you can’t receive a copy of your receipt. Applicants have just a limited time to complete the form. Most importantly, you need to always remember that your information cannot be saved.