Canada E Visa

5 Activities You Can Enjoy With A Canada E Vis

If you’re thinking of visiting Canada either on vacation or because you’re considering relocating there permanently, you’ll be needing a Canada e visa. If a holiday is the reason for your visit, then you’ll want to know what you can do for fun.

Once you’ve gotten your Canada e visa and you’re ready for your trip, you’re going to need to know one thing; Canada is enormous. It is nearly the size of Europe and covers about 10 million square kilometers. The only country that beats it regarding size is Russia. Having known that, here are some fun activities you can indulge in while in Canada.

1) City Hopping

It’ll be hard to find a country that’s got Canada beat in terms of the sheer variety of cities. You have Ottawa, the bustling capital city with is venerable political institutions. There’s Montreal, filled with quaint historical neighborhoods, groovy Vancouver and multicultural Toronto. With so much to do and so much to see, traveling in Canada won’t be complete without city hopping.

2) Hit Whistler Slopes

Saying the temperatures in Canada are a bit chilly would be nothing short of a gross understatement. Although that can be bad news for the city traveler – no one wants to be moving about in frigid temperatures – it can be excellent news for those who enjoy skiing. Canada is known for some of the best snowboarding and skiing in the world.

You can find great skiing options across the country, but nothing beats Whistler Blackcomb. It has 5,000 acres of downhill slopes – accommodating for all skills and abilities – as well as excellent snow that makes for a spectacular view. Since it is near Vancouver, Whistler Blackcomb is a logical choice for any traveler that wants to go skiing in Canada.

3) Whale Watching

If you’re an animal lover, then you’ll enjoy the spectacle of seeing the world’s largest mammal emerging from the ocean depths and returning with a flick of its powerful tail. You can go on Killer Whale watching excursions from British Columbia or see the Humpback Whales off Newfoundland. The choice is entirely yours. Because Canada has an impressive number of animals and natural phenomenon, you can also decide to forgo Whale watching for polar bear spotting, or try to catch a calving glacier.

4) Learn a New Language

For non-English speaking travelers, one of the best things you can do in Canada is take up an English course at a considerably lower price than you’ll see in the United States. The language course is not limited to English alone. For those in Montreal, and the rest of Quebec, there’s the option of learning a French course also.

5) Go for a Trek through Algonquin Park

Regardless of the term you want to call it, trekking, walking, rambling, or hiking, there’s nowhere on earth for being outward bound like Canada. There are vast untouched landmass stretching for miles wherever you look making it a true haven for the outdoor enthusiast in every sense of the word. And there’s nowhere better for this activity than Algonquin Park.

There are tons of activities you can get up to in Canada as long as you’ve got a sense of wonder and adventure about you and of course a Canada e visa.