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Apply for Canadian Visa

Information On Canadian Visa

canada travelObtaining a Canadian visa requires patience and it will vary depending on a person’s nationality. A traveler from America will have different requirements to a person from Southeast Asia. It varies due to some factors.

It is essential to understand what the application process entails along with what a foreign national will require while hoping to visit Canada. This should set the foundation.

Let’s begin with the basic requirements and then move towards what the application process is all about depending on one’s nationality.

Basic Requirements

The basic requirements are expected of everyone regardless of where they are traveling from. This, in essence, is the backbone of the process and will be necessary. It is best to recognize what these basic requirements are before diving into the visa process.

Here are the basic requirements a person will have when it comes to Canadian travel.

1) Passport (Valid)

2) No Criminal Convictions (or have been screened before flying and approved)

3) In Good Health

4) Enough Funds To Take Care Of Yourself While Visiting (this is subjective and will vary depending on the situation)

5) Have Approval From Immigration Officer In Your Country

6) Visa (depends on which nation you are traveling from)

These are the basic requirements a person will have to pass before being able to go to Canada. This is a checklist of sorts and has to be followed to a tee.

Application Process

Let’s move onto the application process as this is vital. Getting a visa is necessary because most nations are not “exempt” in this regard and can’t come to Canada on the power of their passport alone. USA citizens do not require this document.

Those who are traveling by air will be applying for two documents at once (ETA and Visa). The ETA is for those who are only traveling by air and is a new requirement put in by the national government. The process can be done online.

Here are the steps in this process for those who are wondering.

1) Begin With The “Eligibility Test” Online (takes 10-15 minutes) To See If You Can Apply

2) Once Eligible, Fill Out Online Visa Form To Apply (Can Be Done By Mail If Desired)

3) Have All Documents Prepared While Filling Out The Form

4) Applicant Will Be Asked About What Type Of Visa Is Required (Single Or Multiple Entry)

5) All Application Fees Are Paid In Canadian Dollars (Additional Charges For Delivery If Used)

6) Processing Time Will Take A Few Days

7) Contact Will Be Made With Applicant To Assess Next Step (i.e. Interview, Additional Documents, Police Screening)

8) Approval Will Be Sent

This is the application process from start to finish.


It is important to correctly craft out the variations in this process depending on where the applicant resides. Let’s begin with England which is a prominent source for Visa applications in the modern age.

The process will be followed as above, and the visa should be approved. Since the traveling will be done via air, it is important to get the ETA as well (which can be applied for online). It is important to vet all of the documents coming through and. Therefore, the process might be elongated.

Please be patient and apply as early as possible rather than waiting until the end. There are two approvals. Therefore, it might take longer (ETA and general visa).


With Ireland, the same rules will apply as they would with England. The goal is once again to obtain the ETA as soon as possible once the application has gone through.

The immigration officer will indicate what is required regarding additional screenings, but beyond this, you will be ready.


Australians are required to obtain the ETA as well since the only way to come is via air. It is recommended to start early as the process can be elongated in Australia. It is smarter to remain focused and apply quickly.

The same steps are expected to be followed as the ones mentioned above.

New Zealand

Australians and New Zealanders are in the same boat when it comes to the visa process. The same requirements as listed above.

This is what the process entails when it comes to obtaining a Canadian visa. Regardless of where you are in the world, the general rule is to follow the necessary requirements and be diligent.

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