A dish from the Province of Quebec

A Guide to Canada’s Food

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When you ask most people about Canadian food they immediately produce a blank expression. Unlike its big neighbor to the south and its famous burgers, barbecue and apple pie, Canada’s foods aren’t very well known outside of Canada. As a melting pot of cultures and with strong native, European and most recently Asian influence, Canada has a rich mixture that creates a vibrant and delicious cuisine. The long Pacific and Atlantic coastlines and its cold waters also means that there is plenty of fresh seafood year round. The interior plains are perfect for cattle grazing and Canada’s succulent steaks are testament to that. So go ahead and apply for you Canada eTA authorization so that you’re able to enjoy some of Canada’s delicious cuisine. To simplify the process we have included a list of Canada’s top foods so that when you visit Canada with your eTA you’re able to order the best food on offer. Canada’s top foods are the following:

A dish from the Province of QuebecA dish from the Province of Quebec, poutine is made of French fries topped with brown gravy and cheese curds. A delicious comfort food, poutine is found throughout the country.

Maple syrupMaple syrup – Canada is synonymous with maple, with the maple leaf being the symbol of Canada and enjoying a prominent spot on the Canadian flag. Canada is the world’s largest producer of this sweet treat. Maple syrup can be used over pancakes, deserts, ice cream and other sweet savory items.

SeafoodSeafood – With endless coastline on both sides and thousands of rivers and lakes, Canada is a seafood heaven. The most popular seafood dishes are fresh salmon, shrimps, oysters and lobster.

Butter tartButter tart – A very famous Canadian dessert that is made with sugar, eggs, butter and syrup and often includes raisins or nuts.

Alberta beef Alberta beef – Canada’s rich heartland and its vast prairies are ideal grounds for the grazing of cattle. Canada’s steaks are famous for being tender, tasty and having the perfect ratio of lean to fat. A fantastic place to try Canada’s delicious beef is at one of the country’s famous steakhouses.

Game meatGame meat – Although it’s not for everyone, Canada’s ample wildlife produces some delicacies such as reindeer, bison, wild boar and deer meat.

Montreal bagelsMontreal bagels – These delicious breakfast items are smaller and tastier than their equivalents in the United States. Nothing tops a breakfast of Montreal bagels with cream cheese and a good coffee!

Macaroni and cheese Macaroni and cheese – Like in the US, good old mac n’ cheese is a favorite food in Canada.

BaconBacon – Canada is famous for its delicious bacon and it’s found everywhere. Do try it for breakfast and you won’t be disappointed.

Canada’s food is as diverse and eclectic as its people. With countless cultures blending in and each bringing their own traditions, Canada’s cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most varied on the planet. The country’s vast geography and natural richness also provides delicious choices such as deliciously fresh seafood and succulent steaks. Great restaurants serving some of these delicacies can be found in the major cities. If you’re looking for more down to earth food then you’ll be delighted with poutine or macaroni and cheese. Hurry and get your Canada eTA authorization so that you can enjoy the delicious cuisine found in the country.