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A Guide for First Time Travelers to Canada

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Planning your first trip to Canada?  Canada is one of the most beautiful and clean countries on earth, offering a geographic diversity that corresponds to its massive size.  From historic cities such as Quebec City and Montreal in Eastern Canada to trendy Vancouver on the Pacific coast, Canada will appeal to all travelers depending on their interest.  Apply now for your Canada Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) in order to enjoy some of Canada’s wonderful attractions.

Canada City ViewElectronic Travel Authorization (eTA) is an electronic authorization granted by the Canadian Immigration authorities to travelers from visa-exempt countries to travel to Canada. An eTA for Canada is obtained by applying online and filling out a simple form and then submitting payment. The process is quick and approval is generally immediate. The traveler then is required to print the eTA and have it available when checking-in for his/her flight to Canada. The Canada eTA will be valid for 5 years or until the passport expires, whatever comes first.

Canada seasigh viewIf you’re looking for fine dining, good nightlife and big city life then Toronto is the answer. Often compared to New York, Toronto is Canada’s largest and most cosmopolitan city with a population of five million people. Some of Toronto’s attractions include the CN Tower – the third tallest tower in the world and the symbol of Toronto. The Toronto Zoo is also one of the world’s premier zoos with over 5,000 animals and 500 species.

You Will Not Regret

Canada dolphinCanada has a tremendous diversity of sights that appeal to all tastes, budgets and ages. From charming historical to cosmopolitan, natural to hip – everything is found in this beautiful and friendly country. Make sure you apply for your Canadian eTA before traveling here and you will not regret the decision to visit this North American jewel.

Canada City ViewCanada’s nature is one of its top draws and no area of the country can compete with the sheer natural beauty of the Canadian Rockies. If you like majestic mountain- peaks, endless pine forests, crystal clear rivers, glaciers and lakes then you will fall in love with this area of Canada. Mount Robson is the highest peak in the Canadian Rockies, standing at an impressive 3,954 meters. The Canadian Rockies are the most important habitat to some of the most well known wildlife in North America including moose, elk, deer, wolves, black bears and grizzly bears. The highly recommended Rocky Mountaineer Train offers panoramic train rides across the Canadian Rockies – a definite sight to see.

Canada is the second largest country on earth after Russia so any trip requires you to determine what area of the country you will be visiting, otherwise your trip will be very long and expensive. Canada offers a bit for everyone depending on your interests. If you’re looking for history and Old World charm then the beautiful cities of Quebec City with its cobblestone streets or Montreal with it’s charming restaurants will be best for you. With French being the dominant language in Quebec Province, you will feel as if you are in Europe instead of North America.