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Top Attractions in Montreal – Canada’s Second Largest City

Montreal is the largest city in the Province of Quebec and the second largest city in Canada with a population of over 2 million people. It has a perfect mix of European charm and North American modernity. Montreal is a cosmopolitan and fully bilingual city and a must see destination on any visit to Canada. […]

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BLOG: All about Canada & ETA

A Guide to Toronto: Top Attractions in Canada’s Largest City

As Canada’s most important gateway and with the most important airport, most people traveling to Canada enter through Toronto. Canada’s largest city has a population of over 5 million people and is one of the most diverse cities in the world. Toronto is also home to some of Canada’s top museums and cultural attractions. In […]

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BLOG: All about Canada & ETA

Travel Information: Toronto Pearson International Airport

Most people who fly into Canada enter through Toronto’s Pearson International Airport. As the largest international gateway to the country as well the hub of Air Canada, whether you are transiting to another city in Canada or staying, chances are you’ll use Canada’s largest airport. In order to understand a little bit more about the […]